About the Fall Series:

Dates: October to December.

The fall series begins at Estrella Mountain where the 5k run is held, this trail has gorgeous mountains on the background and will challenge you from beginning to end.

The 6k flat course at Estrella Mountain Regional park at Coldwater Trail. The trail is fairly flat from start to about mile 2 and starting at the 2.4 mile mark the trail consist of a series of rolling hills.

Our last run is a 7k which is held a White Tank Regional park and is the conclusion of the Cactus Flower Trail series fall edition and what a better way to finish the series with a 7k run! The Ironwood trail will lead you through one of the White Tank Mountains trails where the Hohokam Indians once walked. At the start you will encounter an up hill battle, but once you conquer the first mile you will enjoy the rest of the course with a mixture of a flat clean course and at some sections some rocky natural trails.