Cactus Flower Trail Series Tree Fund


Starting Spring 2018 Cactus Flower Trail series will be making a positive move by offering a GREEN approach on our running events. By removing plastic bottles (Gatorade bottles), Safety pins and water cups. We will be rewarding registered participants by offering $2.00, $3.00 or $6.00 off their total registration fee when they pledge to bring their own reusable water container. We will take the funds pledge and purchase a tree.

Our goal is to help our environment by reducing plastic bottles, safety pins and water cups. Throughout the 2018 season registered participants will be getting swag items that were selected with the sole purpose to help our environment. During the 2018 you can expect collapsible cups, race number belts, reusable shopping bags, no more Gatorade plastic bottles.

Cactus Flower Trail Series will plant a tree for every $150.00 that participants pledge (funds saved of their registration fee) and we will plant up to three trees in a calendar year. We are taking donations to plant additional trees.

When you donate $30.00 or more you will get a Cactus Flower Trail Series patch. Patches will be given on the last race of the Spring series or Fall Series.

Our Goal
Our goal is to plant six trees during 2018, so register for one of our events, pledge and reuse.

Thank you.

Cactus Flower Trail Series